Jungle Management acts as Legal Counsel to your business and provides:

  • Legal Services in Corporate, Commercial, Intellectual Property, Advertising, Marketing & Technology law. 

  • Business Strategy for Business Planning, Sales & Marketing, Growth, Innovation, Operations and Exit.

Through this combination of services, we can help you with:

  • Specific Business Deals - We advise on the legal and commercial considerations for a specific deal with a third party. We also draft and amend, or review documentation. We can also handle or assist with negotiations.

  • Customised Legal Documents - We draft, review and amend legal documentation for your business. We help set up customised templates to increase efficiency, minimise risk and allow for scalability.

  • IP Protection & Leverage - We advise on ownership and protection of your intellectual property. We also explore opportunities to leverage your intellectual property to generate new revenue streams, reach new markets and allow for scalability and productisation.

  • Legal Risk Review - We identify the legal risks in your business and propose solutions to eliminate, manage or minimise such risks.

  • Legal Compliance - We draft, review and amend legal documentation and materials for your business to ensure legal compliance. 

  • Business Start Up - We advise on the legal and commercial considerations for setting up, managing and growing a new business. We also devise and help implement new business strategies to test and refine business models, new markets and new products.

  • Business Growth - We advise on legal and commercial considerations for generating, maintaining and fueling organic and strategic business growth. We also devise and help implement business strategies for growth. 

  • Business Improvement - We identify the strengths and weaknesses in your business and recommend solutions to improve profitability, revenue, sales, efficiency and risk management. We also devise and help implement business strategies to eliminate or minimise the issues, take advantage of opportunities, improve your competitive edge, and future-proof your business.

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