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How We Work

Our Approach

We provide our Legal Services and Business Strategy using the following approach:

  • Business Understanding - We are committed to understanding your business, how it works and its goals. We can then ensure that all documentation, systems and advice are consistent, relevant and work properly together, and are built with the end goal in mind.

  • Risk Management - We weigh up risk and return, and keep your business goals and constraints top of mind. We effectively act as your "inhouse Legal Counsel".

  • Future-Proofing - We identify future risks, trends and opportunities, and help your business prepare to minimise the impact of those risks, and take advantage of those trends and opportunities.

  • Systems - We encourage systems to streamline processes, improve communication and minimise legal and commercial risks.

  • Genuine Care - We are invested in you and your business, and genuinely care about the outcome as if your business was our own.

  • Prevention rather than Cure - We anticipate potential risks and put in place legal and business strategies to minimise the impacts of those risks. This improves (and often saves) business relationships and deals, and avoids the distraction and negative energy caused by misunderstandings and disputes.   

  • Positive and Visionary - We see your vision and are committed to helping you achieve it. We also look for the silver lining in negative situations. 

  • Solutions Focused - We think laterally and always explore multiple ways to achieve a result. We focus on achieving the "best" outcome in the "best" way possible using a combination of traditional legal techniques, commercial strategy and people management skills. 

Our Products & Services

We offer a suite of highly customised Products and Services.

These involve a combination of the following:

  • Consultations - These are held online, via teleconference or face to face. Consultations are used to provide legal counsel in our Advisory Areas.

  • Customised Documentation - This consists of legal agreements, and other legal and business documents. A Consultation is initially held to obtain a brief. We subsequently provide a Quote to prepare and finalise the documents.

  • Document Review Services - This consists of services to review legal agreements, and other legal and business documents provided by you or a third party. A Consultation is initially held to obtain a brief. We subsequently provide a Quote to review, amend and if required, negotiate, the relevant documents.

  • Project Services & Transactions - This consists of a project or transaction. A Consultation is initially held to obtain a brief. We subsequently provide a Quote to complete the Project or Transaction.

  • Legal Counsel Sessions - These are for 2-4 hours (depending on the size of the business), and are held face to face at our office in North Sydney. Legal Counsel Sessions are focused on either legal or business matters. Bookings may be made online through our Client Portal.

  • Written Plans & Strategies - These are written plans and strategies which document the discussion held during a Legal Counsel Session.

  • Training - This consists of seminars, workshops and in-house training programs in the Advisory Areas.

For more information on our specific Products & Services, please contact us here.

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