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Our clients are committed to business growth and typically have a strong focus on sales, marketing, advertising, media or technology. They are passionate and entrepreneurial, and are leaders and groundbreakers in their chosen fields.

Feedback From Our Clients

Entrepreneur - it's more than a job title. Just like Kim. More than a lawyer. For ten years Kim and I have worked together, not only has she served as legal counsel for my businesses, she has also been integral in the growth and development of my businesses through her business growth and development strategies.  Without her ability to extract the finest details of the vision deep within the recesses of my mind, I wouldn't have had the clarity and success I've had.  I find her ability to explain complex legal strategies into relatable and understandable terms a rare and unique skill. At the helm of Jungle management she continues to advise, counsel and provide invaluable support to my growing enterprises. 

Siobhan Komander

Managing Director, Liverpool St (and previously of Xphyr Brand Experiences)

In our dealings with Kim Dennis and her team at Jungle Management, the AOT Group has found a great level of service and dedication in assisting us in both small and large matters. We have found their overall attitude and professionalism to be above our expectations. Jungle Management are a pleasure to deal with whilst providing sound and clear advice. We have no hesitation in recommending their services.

Andrew Burnes
CEO, The AOT Group

Jungle has been a real business partner for Razor over the short life of our business helping us with all of the commercial/legal issues involved in the growing from a couple of people working around my dining table to 76 staff. The service is always impeccable and personal and I've found the advice helpful, and more importantly, thoughtful. Jungle brings an empathy for, and understanding of, our business and that in my experience is rare. I couldn't recommend them highly enough. Kim is a highly credentialed and experienced lawyer who gives thoughtful and accurate advice you would be wise to follow. Top qualities: expert, good value, high integrity, good results.
Simon Rush & Andrew Wynne
Directors, Razor  


With the complexity of business issues and running two companies, I have lost count the number of solicitors that we have dealt with over the years and Kim is one of the best. She is very knowledgeable, personable and very easy to work with. Being in business what really counts is the bottom line and results, and here Kim excels. I wish her continued success and have no hesitation recommending Kim to anyone. 
Dale Gillham
Managing Director, Wealth Within  

I heartily recommend the Jungle Management team. Not only are they cheerful and personable, but their application to issues and willingness to provide comprehensive solutions and advice, makes them a professional team that is most enjoyable to liaise with. A rare gem to be sure.
Anthony Cammell
Former National Manager, MS Australia 


We sought out Jungle Management as we were looking for a professional legal team to support the needs of our growing business. As there are many parts of our business that are in the start-up phase, it was important for us to work with a team that would be forward thinking enough to see and fully understand our vision, and provide the advice and quality documentation we need.
Three months on I am pleased to say that we absolutely made the right choice. Jungle Management is a company we are proud to work with. From top to bottom their firm exudes a youthful enthusiasm, which masks their mature, professional and extremely detailed approach.
Dale Beaumont
Managing Director, Dream Express Publishing 

All the team at Jungle Management are personable and professional. They have taken time to understand our needs and have responded in a very effective manner enabling us to pursue a business opportunity. They have provided a “refreshing” approach to our external legal requirements. 
Mike Hooton
Marketing and Operations Director, Calliden Group Ltd 

At Torque, we are working at the leading edge of customer analysis and strategy, and needed a partner who could quickly understand our business and provide legal solutions. Jungle were able to provide us timely and relevant advice, and able to quickly implement their ideas. They also understood and achieved the tight deadlines we were sometimes working to. I look forward to working with them again soon.
Sean Cooper
Managing Partner, Torque

VisionSmiths is a young company developing a completely new business model within the creative arena, so when we were looking for a legal firm to partner with a couple of years ago we knew we needed a firm that operated outside the legal square.  We found that with Jungle Management Kim and her team took the time to understand our business in detail they were able to add a great deal of value over and above what we would expect from a normal legal firm. Because we needed a legal partner to help us set the foundation for our business’s future growth Jungle Management's creative and committed approach to our legal requirements was, and continues to be essential.
Pete Smith
Managing Director, Visionsmiths

Jungle has a very good understanding of our business and culture, which is the foundation of their personal service and our trusted relationship. They are highly responsive to urgent matters, thorough and valuable!
Karen Beattie
Director, The Growth Faculty 

Jungle Management has been an important business partner for Lighthouse Communications Group since our agency was established.  Not only does Kim and her team provide excellent legal advice, but does so in a very professional and prompt manner. We are particularly impressed by the way they have a good understanding of our business and show genuine interest in our business growth and success.
Peter Laidlaw
Managing Director, Lighthouse Communications Group

My business partner and I were fortunate enough to win a session with Kim. We derived enormous benefit during this time and she gave us a lot of food for thought in terms of how to structure our small business and achieve our goals. I would not hesitate to recommend Kim to any clients requiring direction and assistance with their business goals.
Ilana Den
Director, Sales and Marketing, CC Conferences and Corporate Events

We retain Jungle as legal counsel for running trade promotions with our clients. Kim is experienced and thorough – essential qualities for our complex online campaigns to be successful whilst protecting our client’s interests at the same time. Top qualities: great results, personable, high integrity.
Joe Cincotta
Managing Director, Pixolut

I am very pleased to recommend Kim. She has been an invaluable legal advisor to my fast growing small (now medium) business for a few years now. She’s given us sound advice and hands on help with diverse legal issues including employment law, commercial leases and Intellectual Property. She’s fast and efficient and a very supportive person.
Catherine Smithson
Managing Director, Being Human Pty Ltd

Kim approaches her work with a meticulous attention to detail and an unyielding commitment to quality. During my time as editor of Marketing Magazine she made regular contributions to the magazine and never failed to deliver material of the highest standard and always within the set deadline. The feedback we receive on Kim’s articles is testament to her ability to zero in on the issues that matter to our readers and present them in an informative, yet easily digestible manner.
Tami Dower
Former Editor, Marketing Magazine 

The Jungle Management crew are a cool bunch to deal with. Their knowledge and experience in legal areas specific to our business means we have the confidence in knowing we are receiving the right advice. Specifically they have been very knowledgeable in marketing related legal areas, in particular the running of trade promotions, applying for trademarks as well as areas surrounding customer privacy. Their refreshing approach to law means our business is more secure and ultimately they are a pleasure to deal with.

Justin Wheatley

Former Marketing Manager, Tru-Test

I'd like to thank Jungle Management for their handling of BlueArc's legal requirements. They worked tirelessly, with meticulous professionalism to deliver the very best result for our organisation. I would recommend Jungle Management without reservation.

Scott Porter

CEO, BlueArc

It's great to meet lawyers who live in the real world and understand customer service. If you want your legal advice from lawyers with personality, as well as technical skills, then call the tam at Jungle Management.

Malcolm Auld

Principal, Malcolm Auld Direct Pty Ltd

The Jungle Management team is fantastic! As a small fashion/retail business they have assisted us in legal advice for disputes, successful trade marks, contracts and patent applications. They have been flexible with our needs and requirements and we feel comfortable calling them anytime. Kim has provided us with extra support and advice. We have found the Jungle Management team efficient, reliable and professional.

Amanda Armstrong

Director, Zentini

I have been impressed in all my dealings with the team at Jungle Management. Each time I call or visit or email, I am greeted with exceptional service and a friendly welcome. The team at Jungle have a modern and fresh approach, and they understand the creative industry we work in. I have always felt like I'm in good hands. Kim and the team know what they're on about, and are approachable and communicative, explaining difficult-to-understand concepts in terms we understand.

Lisa Musumeci

Director, Get Smart Online Productions

Your assistance with our copyright issues and negotiations with respect to the high profile concert tour Blacksheep produced and directed were invaluable in getting all parties working together. This put into play a new model for the way we operate that part of our business to avoid future issues arising. Jungle also helped us tackle an extremely complicated estate matter achieved in over 48 hours by you personally delaying overseas travel - who does that? Thank you very much.

Adrian Hyde

General Manager, Blacksheep

I have worked with Jungle Management in my capacity as CEO of The Topia Project Pty Ltd for a period of 2 years. During this time I have found them to be a valuable legal resource that has a deep understanding of the creative industry and legal issues companies within my face. I have found Jungle to be professional, helpful and reliable - they always pre-quote and rarely do they exceed whatever they have quoted. I would recommend Jungle as an industry expert to any business looking for legal advice, particularly of a similar size to Topia and/or in our industry.

Nyree Corby

CEO, Topia

If you're looking for a team of lawyers that don't think like typical lawyers - a team that thinks commercially and outside the square, then look no further than Kim Dennis and the team at Jungle. I've been working with them for years and have always been impressed.

Carolyn Stafford

Director, Connect Marketing Professionals

We have had many dealings with Jungle Management both on a preventative way and a reactive way. One particular incident could have seen some very bad things happen to our business when Jungle Management intervened and took control. At time it was very stressful, but Jungle Management led every step of the way in the most meticulous way. The result was a resounding success - and enabled us to get on with our business. The year could have been a very bad one, but with the help of Jungle Management turned out to be a very successful one.

Paul D'Arcy 

General Manager, Direct Mail Solutions

Kim Dennis and Jungle's genuine interest in my business as well as their ability to quickly understand my communication and consulting business issues, and provide timely and invaluable legal and business advice is refreshing. They have a very positive approach and exemplary client service.

Angela Diamond

Director, Diamond Communication Services

How good is this, finally a law firm who will listen and just do it. A few phone calls, a couple of emails and my international distribution agreement was in place. I was treated as a friend not a client and I could understand what they were saying. Good luck Kim and thank you.

Peter Searle

Director, SSS Roof Scaffolding System

This year I sought the advice of Jungle Management on the most appropriate way to structure my new company and a number of related businesses. I initially chose Jungle Management because of their expertise in my field but also found the way they explained things to me easy to understand and without the normal legal jargon. They eased some confusion I had about the legal structure of my business and they made it clear that they would offer me ongoing support as my business developed. This was immediately displayed to me in the week following our initial meeting by having them respond to a number of email and phone inquiries I had. I highly recommend Jungle Management to both start up businesses and established ones for effective and clear legal advice.

Francesco Gilio

Managing Director, Francesco Gilio Communications

An unexpected business opportunity called for a new form of contract and in a hurry. Kim from Jungle came to the rescue and in 2 days of exchanging some ideas and refined wording we had a form of contract on the table. Jungle Management proved to be not your run-of-the-mill legal firm, but an organisation that understands commercial pressure and is ready and willing to effectively assist. Business-minded professional lawyers without the stiffness, we say.

Osvaldo Kirszman

Director, IntegraLift Pty Ltd

I met Kim Dennis some years ago at a networking function. Her consistent professionalism and friendliness made me decide that when the time came, I would ask her to be my lawyer. Kim drew up the terms and conditions for my astrology gift report website and disclaimers for my reports. She helped me work out what elements we could safely leave out and simplify to ensure my customers (and I!) could understand them in just one reading and very good-humouredly made them as minimally legalistic as possible. When I enter new markets, I'll be happily using her services again.

Elizabeth Ball

Director, It's In The Stars Pty Ltd

The great thing we've found about Jungle is they 'get' business - they get onto the task at hand in a timely and cost effective manner. Their service and responsiveness is excellent and their pricing appropriate for an SME who have Directors who want to sleep well at night - knowing we have taken the steps to ensure compliance to the various 'laws of the Jungle'. 

John Cookson 

Director, Timepieces Australia

There have been so many legal considerations to take into account throughout the initial set up stage of my company. From copyrighting and trademarking, customer contracts, contractor agreements and issues associated with setting up a retail website, Kim and her team have been a great help at every step of the way. They are knowledgeable, understanding and well equipped to deal with the ever changing needs of a small company.

Shelley-Anne Mason

Director, Kideko

Innovative, efficient and progressive, Jungle Management helped me sort out legal contracts quickly and resourcefully. They are an experienced team that operates with a minimum of fuss, keeping in mind the busy lifestyles of their clients. I'd recommend Kim and the team for both business and personal legal matters.

Aela Callan

7 News Journalist, 7 News

Kim has shown excellent levels of professionalism, service and with a down to earth attitude. Kim handled the legal side of my software project and soon I will be utilising her services again. It is easy to deal with Kim. I have no hesitation in recommending Kim to anyone requiring legal services.

Doug Lachman

I engaged Kim from Jungle Management for some commercial legal advice with my then business. It was needed on an urgent basis and Kim was able to provide this over Xmas/New Year period and in between her honeymoon! She got the nub of the issue very quickly and provided me with relevant options to go forward. For commercial matters, happy to refer people to Kim.

Tom Foster

Over many years, I have found Kim to be focused, professional, and committed to building the profile of Australian small businesses, both in political circles and the wider community.

Clare Loewenthal

Founder, Dynamic Small Business Magazine

Kim was retained by Eventuality to draft up a set of Terms and Conditions that could be used in contracts with existing and new clients. The result was a very clear standard document which also enabled some tailoring to be used for a cross section of clients. An overdue and very useful exercise.

Peter Cox

Kim is an exceptional person, tenacious and hardworking, honest and thorough. She tells it as it is.

Farzad Zadeh

Owner, ATS

Jungle Management - wonderful in so many areas. The image you created as - happening. You promoted results and the law was just part of your offering. An excellent approach. Love your work.

Peter Barker

Principal, Barker Australia Pty Ltd

Kim is a breath of fresh air in the legal world - a lawyer with real client focused business acumen in the SME space. I'd highly recommend Kim.

David Marshall

Kim is a highly energetic and creative adviser who can think outside the box. Kim brings considerable commercial and legal experience to her clients, to add real value.

Erhan Karabardak

Director, Cooper Mills Lawyers

Kim Mei-Li is one of the most innovative and creative people that I know working the business, legal and marketing space in Australasia - and this was evident from the first time that I met her some years ago at a local marketing conference. She demonstrates strong understanding of her client needs and is equally passionate and committed to delivering quality business solutions in an original way.

Michael Durie

Marketing Consultant, Australia Post

Kim is one smart cookie. She excels at everything she puts her mind to. When you work with Kim you are getting professionalism with a rare dose of lateral thinking.

Paul Hodgson

Kim is a consummate professional, yet is also passionate about her work. She takes great interest in her clients' business and her understanding of the media and marketing sectors make her advice especially relevant.

Steve Brack

Supervising Photographer, Seven Network Sydney

Kim is a fantastic adviser. I can't endorse her strongly enough. I have worked with her on a number of very different projects and she has always delivered. Her expertise goes beyond technical knowledge into the critical area of managing client relationships and assisting with strategic negotiations.

Michael Dayes

As an entrepreneur, Kim empathises with the challenges faced by emerging businesses and therefore provides advice that hits the mark sooner. I am pleased to recommend Kim to anyone wanting support in the best way to position their business for growth.

Scott Thompson

Business Development and Markets Leader, Ernst & Young

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