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Our Solutions

Jungle Management is a law firm that works closely with CEOs of high growth businesses in sales, marketing, advertising, media & technology. 

Kim Mei-Li Dennis, Founder of Jungle Management, personally acts as legal counsel to an exclusive client base.

Kim provides strategic legal and business advice on growth challenges and opportunities such as:

  • Devising and implementing an Exit Strategy
  • Negotiating Client Deal Terms to maximise price & minimise risk
  • Increasing staff commitment & performance through Equity & Incentives
  • Growing strategically through Business Acquisition
  • Acquiring & Retaining Clients through strategic marketing
  • Expanding into or building Online Businesses
  • Diversifying into New Products, Services & Businesses 
  • Re-engineering Business Models, Strategies & Plans
  • Leveraging assets through Franchising & Licensing
  • Setting up Systems & Templates for growth & risk minimisation
  • Identifying & forming Strategic Alliances, Joint Ventures & Partnerships
Forms of Engagement

Legal Counsel Retainer: Retained clients commit to a minimum spend each year and are limited in number to ensure that we have the time and capacity to dedicate to our clients' business growth. 

Private Advisory Sessions: Private advisory sessions may be booked on an as needed basis, subject to Kim's availability.

Why are we unique?

We are dedicated to outcomes.

We are passionate about business.

We think "outside the box".

We are positive & visionary.

We are pro-active.

We believe in customer service.

We believe in long term relationships.

The traditional values of quality, integrity, professionalism & confidentiality remain at the core of our business.


Jungle Management acts as legal counsel for high growth businesses in sales, marketing, advertising, media & technology.

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